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Legal Plans

A voluntary workplace benefit, group legal plans provide affordable, convenient access to?counsel for your personal legal needs.

Key features:

  • A national network of over 17,500 attorneys
  • In-person or over-the-phone counsel for the most common personal legal matters
  • No deductibles, claim forms, copays, waiting periods
  • Unlimited1 access to attorneys?for matters covered under the plan
  • A voluntary benefit typically paid through payroll deductions of about $20 per month
  • All Network Attorney fees for covered matters are paid by the plan
  • Out-of-network attorney option1

Comprehensive coverage for some of the most frequently needed personal legal matters including:

  • Preparation of wills, living wills and trusts
  • Purchase, sale and refinancing of a?home
  • Debt collection and foreclosure defense
  • Identity theft defense
  • Rental issues
  • Civil litigation defense
  • Adoptions
  • Document review and preparation

For complete plan details, talk to your company’s benefits administrator.

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What is a legal plan and why should I enroll in one? Collapsed Expanded

Enrolling in a legal plan is like having a lawyer on retainer on your side. When you use a Network Attorney for covered services, all attorney fees are covered by the legal plan. Payments for the plan are made through convenient payroll deductions.

For about $20 a month, our legal employee benefits program offers value, convenience and confidence by giving you easy and low-cost access to attorneys for a wide variety of personal legal services including advice and consultations on an unlimited number of personal legal matters.

Legal issues arise when you get married, have a baby, buy a home, lose a loved one, or need to have legal documents drafted. For example, with lawyers typically charging $370 an hour for services, the value of a prepaid legal plan is easy to see.2

What is covered by my legal plan? Collapsed Expanded

A legal plan provides fully covered services for many of the most frequently needed personal legal matters, in addition to advice and consultations on an unlimited number of personal legal issues.

  • If you are a legal plan member, you can quickly access the member site to view coverage for the legal plan offered by your employer, or call our Client Service Center at 800-821-6400 (8 am - 8 pm EST, Mon - Fri).
  • If you are thinking about enrolling in the legal plan offered by your employer, visit our information center. Your HR or benefits department can provide you with an access code to log in.
  • You can also visit the Covered Services section to view examples of covered legal matters.?
What does “fully covered” mean? Collapsed Expanded

“Fully covered” means that all attorney services related to the covered matter are paid for by the legal plan when you use a Network Attorney. There are no co-pays, deductibles or claim forms when you use a Network Attorney. Also, you are entitled to advice and consultations for matters not fully covered by the plan, so long as they are not excluded. (See?terms of service?for a list of excluded matters.)

Are pre-existing matters covered? Collapsed Expanded

Yes, MetLife Legal Plans encourages members to use the plan to resolve as many legal issues as possible, even if they are pre-existing matters. The only pre-existing matters that are not covered are those for which you retained an attorney before becoming eligible for plan benefits.

How much legal assistance am I entitled to? Collapsed Expanded

MetLife Legal Plans is the only provider to cover office consultations and telephone advice for an?unlimited?number of covered and non-covered personal legal matters, so long as they are not excluded. These services are offered by local Network Attorneys.

What matters are excluded? Collapsed Expanded

MetLife Legal Plans?offers a range of plan options, including customized legal plans?for employers with more than 3,000 benefit-eligible employees.?The legal plan provides a consultation benefit for most personal legal matters. What’s more, many personal legal matters are fully covered. For a list of fully covered services in your organization’s legal plan, please log in or call the Client Service Center at 800-821-6400. The following matters are excluded from all plans:

  • Employment-related matters, including company or statutory benefits
  • Matters involving the employer, Network Attorneys, MetLife and affiliates
  • Matters in which there is a conflict of interest between the employee and spouse or dependents, in which case services are excluded for the spouse and dependents
  • Appeals and class actions
  • Farm and business matters, including rental issues when the plan member is the landlord
  • Patent, trademark and copyright matters
  • Costs and fines
  • Frivolous or unethical matters
  • Matters for which an attorney-client relationship exists prior to the participant becoming eligible for plan benefits
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