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COVID-19 Resources for Brokers

At MetLife, we’re steadfast in our commitment to protecting your health and well-being during these challenging times. To better support you and your clients, we’ve created a Resource Center with a growing library of relevant and useful resources and tools. We are regularly updating this site, so please make sure to bookmark this page.

Staying Informed

From product training and educational courses, to breaking information on how COVID-19 impacts legislation, here you’ll find the online educational resources you need to stay sharp—and continue meeting your clients’ needs.?

  • Legislative Updates:?Here you’ll find customer letters, presentations and webinars from MetLife on some of the various federal and state leave programs addressing COVID-19.?Learn More>
  • Frequently Asked Questions:?Get answers to common questions to help you and your clients navigate these challenging times. Learn More>
  • Financial Wellness hub: From financial tips to expert-backed ways to help your clients improve their financial health now while guiding them to build a more confident future.?Learn More>
  • NEW –?MetLife Auto & Home? Premium Relief:?As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, MetLife Auto & Home’s active auto policyholders will receive a 15% credit off monthly premiums in April and May. Credits will be applied starting in June. Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions as to how this may impact the billing process. Learn More>
  • Virtual Continuing Education Classes:?Here are the details of three virtual classes that brokers can choose to schedule by contacting your MetLife Account Executive.?Learn More>
  • MetLife Thought Leadership Series:?Listen to actionable insights and ideas—by leading benefits professionals—to help you and your clients navigate the current environment.?Learn More>
  • NEW - The World of Work Just Changed: What We're Learning from the Crisis and How HR Will Adapt:?When work changes, HR changes—and it’s never changed quite like this before. In this webinar, find out what every broker needs to know about the HR space from one of the foremost thinkers in the field. Watch Webinar>

Strengthening Engagement

Even though in-person meetings may not be viable, there are still plenty of ways you can keep your customers and employees engaged and have successful enrollment.? We have put together tools and resources that are available and useful for virtual communications.?

  • Employee Communications: From conversational videos to infographics, engage your teams with our robust library of employee communications—all in the name of generating awareness and understanding.??
  • Educational Product Guides:?Communicate the features, benefits and value propositions of various MetLife offerings via brief animated tutorials.

Learn More>

Working Virtually

With so much of the population working from home, it’s a new world. But that doesn’t mean you can’t show up each day and thrive. Use these resources to run productive meetings, continue growing your relationships, and keep things humming without missing a beat.

  • Virtual Meeting Tips:?From lighting to on-camera presence, here’s everything you need to run successful online meetings.?
  • Virtual Meeting Checklists:?Use these convenient checklists for “Dry Run” and “Day Of” meetings to host remote customer meetings without a hitch.
  • Virtual Entertainment Ideas:?From Webex dinners to virtual meditation sessions, get ideas for how to continue building relationships remotely.?

Learn More>

Taking Care of Your Wellbeing

Your health and wellbeing have never been more central.?Here you'll find training sessions on how to maintain holistic wellness and effectively manage stress.?Use them yourself or?pass them along to your clients and their employees to help them through this time and in the future.

  • The Upside of Stress:?Listen to Kelly McGonigal, PHD discuss the importance of your stress mindset and how adjusting the way you think about stress can change the way your brain and body respond to it. Watch Webinar>
  • Joy of Movement: Kelly McGonigal, PHD addresses the science behind the exercise “high” and how movement alters brain chemistry, mood, and thinking, which can be a powerful antidote to the current health crisis that may be causing feelings of depression, anxiety, or loneliness.?Watch Webinar>
  • Getting Your Needs Met and Setting Boundaries While Working from Home:?Listen to?Ben Brooks, the founder & CEO of PILOT, an award-winning employee coaching software platform, share practical tips you can easily implement?to make?working from home more functional, productive, and enjoyable.?Watch Webinar>
  • Building Resilience in Our Mind, Body, & Spirting during COVID-19:?Listen to Dr. Aditi Nerurkar, an integrative medicine physician at Harvard Medical School, share the power of the mind-body connection and practical self-care tips you can use to build resilience.?Watch Webinar>

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